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  1. Yes i have. I own plenty of skins for my slugger and as you can see there is no selection for it. Its like this for the following weapons: Eraser, Hunter, Tracker, Vaporizer, Overclocker, Power Surge, Shocker, Magma Cannon, The Melter, Thermal Devastator, Ex Machina, Master Blaster, Scotsman, Frosty Fraggins, The Cold Shoulder, The Long Winter, Aperture 3, BDE 9000, Incinerator, Indiscriminator, Light gun, Minigun, Particle Smasher, Party Favor, Pixel Popper, Slugger (as mentioned), and The Good Doctor.
  2. Some reason I can only change certain weapon's skins. Like my slugger i cant change its skin. Some reason its unchangeable. Don't know if this was brought up before.
  3. Would be awesome to have a more indepth customization in the future to be able to mix n match costumes and facial appearances. For example, being able to have certain eyes with certain faces types and so on. Being able to have certain pants with tops and shoes. Have color palettes for each top, pants and shoes. Also maybe add back accessories like backpacks and have face accessories separate from head so that way you can have the insane combinations!
  4. You guys should definitely think about doing double ticket earning events. That would b so cool. I feel like i cant get some of the cosmetics due to low player count :(
  5. No battle royale plz. Its find without it. Let it be original the way it is lol
  6. It would be awesome if u choose manually what physique u want so that way costumes would fit to that male or female body. Cuz some of the female costumes are dope and would love to see how it would change on the male body or male versions of those outfits.
  7. For some reason i dont have permission to talk in the arcadegeddon discord and i want to find ppl to play with but i cant if i dont have permission. Do you know why?
  8. If someone leaves your team during mid-match or the game starts not able to find anyone with you by yourself, would b cool to have that feature added so playing with people would b more possible.
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