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  1. Played one trio run on 0.1.4 last night. Got to the top of the leaderboard which was nice, thanks for the reset! Being able to buy a hack at the mid-stage room is great. Difficulty-wise it feels like a real game now. Can't just run around for the first 5-10 difficulty levels with no fear of dying. This felt great to us. We still ended up going 2.5 hours on a difficulty 12 run though, which is just too long for me to commit to regularly, especially expecting the time to go up and up as we get better at surviving. Not to mention could get 2 hours through, have the host crash out, and lose the run (or at least any quests you were almost done with) Suggestions to address this: let us start a run at a higher difficulty, with some bonus to make up for the lack of hacks and weapons you would have got through grinding through the earlier difficulties, even just a score multiplier would be enough if the game is meant to primarily be a high score game, it could even just be a separate leaderboard with no mechanical changes whatsoever The teleporting (you called it 'evading' in the patch notes I think) boss is just frustrating. Not sure if there is some kind of counter that we didn't discover, but it just made the fight longer and more boring having the boss teleport literally every 1-2 seconds.
  2. I lost input both times we respawned after continuing in a run on 0.1.4 last night. The Epic overlay could be brought up via Shift+F3. Alt-tabbing didn't help. We tried having my trio buddies proceed through the level until it would teleport me forward, that didn't help. We eventually realised that one of the other players going down would give me back my input.
  3. Playing the PvP battle with lasers and my laser starting firing towards my camera instead of forward. It happened to another member of the trio once too. It only lasted for one spawn. On 0.1.4
  4. Thanks! Weird it didn't show in the search, maybe I did something stupid.
  5. I also considered this, in the deathmatch. I was surprised that the score didn't change when my opponent fell off. +1 to the last person to damage them or -1 to the faller would solve this.
  6. My duo partner thought he was receiving a consolation hack even though he lost, but after playing on a bit I think it just a bug where it is showing the last hack you picked up. Wasn't thinking about screenshots while playing but it appears quite large and on the centre-right of the HUD.
  7. This could be as simple as adding a red tooltip to the Accept button: "will replace your current quests (for DRT)", but better would be to show the active quests and the ones you are possibly replacing them with side by side, including completion status. I thought I was collecting a bunch of quests that I could do all in the same run when the 3 NPCs opened up after turning in the first one.
  8. One suggestion would be to have a small descriptor on each weapon to hint at its best use, like in Borderlands. "- briefly stuns enemies" "- deals damage over time" "- frozen enemies take more damage from other weapons"
  9. I didn't think to grab a screenshot or screencap sorry. Duo runs on PC, I was not the host. It took my coins but ammo count didn't change and a second ammo box model appears and hovers above the first.
  10. I equipped the blue skin for the medic gun and in the next run I saw it at the mid-stage shop but it had the default skin. Not sure if this is a bug or by design but I would prefer to see the skin that it will have if I buy it.
  11. Our understanding after 2 or 3 duo runs last night was that all loot is shared except for the red chest from boss battles. Felt pretty dumb after getting frustrated with my duo partner about them not picking up a Hack from the boss chest that would be perfect for them until we realised it was surprisingly instanced.
  12. Comparing with games with a similar mechanic such as Risk of Rain and Remnant's survival mode, these Hacks don't feel as powerful. I'm not sure what the reason is, but it may just be to do with the long low difficulty first 30-60mins of a run where it feels like all the enemies are just as easy to kill with or without hacks or strong weapons. It could also be the banality of the hacks I've seen so far. +15% shotgun damage or -5% gravity compared to e.g. "an extra jump" in Risk of Rain.
  13. I feel like when I'm on a duo run that the optimal outcome of a mid-stage battle is a tie so that we all spawn into the loot room. This is for a few reasons: some of the loot will be more ideal for certain players with only 15s and 1 person to check all the loot, I often leave loot behind that I shouldn't The simplest way to force a tie in most of the battle modes is to just sit there not shooting. This does not feel good. I'm not sure of the best solution to this, but one idea: Give the winner first rights to any loot so they can be selfish if they want, but then drop anything leftover into the mid-stage chllax area.
  14. I assume the cold/frozen status effect has more payoff in trios and quads when you might be shooting the same enemy more often. I felt like ignoring any ice weapon in duo runs due to my impression of them having very low damage.
  15. Just a suggestion, but these are two of the most common ways users will look for people to play with, information on the game, report and discuss bugs and workarounds, fun UGC to hype up the game and keep people engaged, etc. Not finding anything in the discord public server list and seeing rule 6 on the reddit really made me think twice about trying to be a part of this community and contributing to its early access journey, which was a surprise after seeing so much potential and having a great time playing it last night.
  16. Some risk/reward associated with increasing the difficulty early would be great. If it's just a way to fast forward to the difficulty level you are comfortable with it feels like I'm risking not getting the hacks from playing through earlier difficulties so if I want the best chance of beating the later ones I have to slog through half an hour of boredom. Maybe letting us use the altar in the arcade to choose a starting difficulty and giving us a random drop of some number of hacks at the start would help. Then the only thing you are losing is the points/continues you would have earned from slogging through the earlier difficulty levels.
  17. I saw at one point that I got a hack with +5% point collection so from that I inferred that it was one of the tiny coloured circles that I was picking up maybe. But there seem to be yellow and blue circles on the ground whereas points are yellow in the UI and coins are white in the UI. We had no idea how we were earning tickets or what they correspond to throughout the run. Given the very gradual difficulty ramp of the game our first run was an hour long which was a long time to go without understanding the basics of the metagame.
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